September 24, 2019


Dream-Innovation SRL is a young SME that was founded in 2013 bringing together a team of high skilled international experts that use the most of the available modern technologies to develop products according to the customer needs. Dream-Innovation SRL is focused on research and development, calculation, consulting services and numerical as well as experimental analyses for industrial processes. The company competencies include consulting, numerical analyses, calculations and simulations, experimental analyses, in different engineering fields (Fluid Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Experimental Investigations, Software Design). Dream-Innovation owns wide competences in the field of structural mechanics, covering numerical, experimental as well as analytical descriptions of mechanical systems, state-of-the-art static and dynamic stress and strain-analysis for any given material class (metals, composites, etc.) represent day-to-day activities. In the fluid-dynamic field, Dream-Innovation can perform EULER/ RANS/ URANS analysis of complex aerodynamic geometries such as aircraft components, high lift for fixed wing A/C aircraft by using Open Source codes, Fluent solver or simple aerodynamic tools. Competences include laminar flow technology (2D, 2.5D or 3D laminar boundary layers) and to transition prediction feature on swept laminar wing or other aircraft components, such as nacelle, tail or fin planes. Available B.L. codes are coupled to tools for the linear stability analysis in incompressible and compressible conditions and implement effects from gap, step, distributed and single roughness. As part of the available competencies, Dream-Innovation supports industry in the design and implementation of control systems, predominately computer based, to control industrial machinery and processes offering advantages in terms of cost-efficiency, waste reduction, speed production, ease in production monitoring and management, reduced feedback and action times, over the traditional manual processes. The scope of the industrial controls and factory automation is not limited to the production floor, but it is extended to the overall business processes.

Multidisciplinary expertises and competence enable Dream Innovation Srl to synergistically tackle all the issues raised by companies and thus to provide services with high scientific content such as:

  • – Management of complex projects
  • – Organisation and completion of training courses for various technical areas
  • – Mechanical design
  • – Structural analysis of static and dynamic
  • – Development of software for mechanical applications
  • – Design of Set-up test for Activities’ experimental in various areas of interest
  • – Experimental Tests.
  • – Numerical Simulations within the fluid
  • – Automation and Control