WT-Data post-processing and CFD analysis

ESTRO is now finalising the activities related to the WT-Data post-processing, comparison with CFD analysis and extrapolation of data to flight conditions. Activities concern the aerodynamic performances of the wing in different conditions, laminar-turbulent transition estimation, deformation of the model under aerodynamic loads, epistemic uncertainty quantification of results in relation to the turbulence closure and Read more about WT-Data post-processing and CFD analysis[…]

WT Campaign

After a series of delays related to technical problems in the manufacturing of the WT model, the ESTRO experimental campaign started on December 8th 2021. All entries of the revised test matrix were completed by  December 22nd, 2021. On  December 23rd, 2021 the model was removed from the test section and was later shipped back to DLR.