WT-Data Provision

WT data were made available to LDO on April 7th 2021. After some checks, a new reduction for the SPR (Stereo Pattern Recognition) data was necessary to correct problems found in the deformation data which were uploaded again in their final form on June 3rd 2021.  A technical reports (LLF-Report-T1673-ESTRO.pdf), produced by DNW,  with information concerning the reference system used, calibration and precision of balance and other instruments, repeatability of measures and model non-conformities, was uploaded on ESTRO Workspace on SP to complement the WT data on July 4th 2021. The data concerning the measurements of the experimental campaign can be retrieved by authorised users at the following address : https://projectsworkspace.eu/sites/REG-IADP/ESTRO/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/

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